11 Ways We Waste Money and Don’t Realize It


The fact is, most people wish they had extra money. Whether it is to catch up on credit cards or go on a much-needed vacation. However, instead of calling up mom and dad, perhaps we should look at spending habits to find money that’s been thrown away for years. Unless you truly are a penny-pincer, you are likely tossing good money out the door that can be invested or perhaps even get you out of debt. Here are 11 fairly simple ways to get you on track to not wasting money frivolously.

1) Not Making Our Own Coffee

You knew your no-whip Mocha Latte would be on this list, didn’t you? These daily espresso drinks are delicious ways for us to wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, they are also a scourge on the wallet. Coffee store chains have made the morning run to the coffee shop a daily ritual for millions of people. In turn, they have profited greatly. To think, that cup of coffee that once cost you less than a dollar a week, is now $4.00 or more per day. And that is if you only go once a day.

You may think your next best route is K-cups. Who doesn’t have a single-cup coffee maker in their home? It’s nearly as popular as owning a television. Well, K-cups may be the perfect dose of caffeine in the morning, and it is certainly convenient. But compared to the old-fashioned way of brewing coffee, you know, in a pot or press, K-cups can be costly at 50-cents to a dollar per cup.

Best advice for coffee savings is to invest in a $20 4-cup coffee machine that has a timer. You can prep the coffee before going to bed and set the timer to start brewing just before you wake up. Not only will you have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you, but you’ll be woken up by nature’s best alarm clock—second to the smell of bacon, of course.


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