11 Ways to Save a Few Bucks Everyday


Think about how you really spend your money each day. Do you stop for a cup of coffee on the way to work? If you made coffee at home, you might save $5 or more every day. Do you dine out way too often? You might save $50 or more just eating at home one more day a week. Those two minor changes may save you $350 alone every month! If you make small changes in the way you shop, you eat, pay your bills, etc., you could be able to save hundreds of dollars more in a month without a significant lifestyle change.

1) Make Your Coffee at Home

Coffee can be outrageously priced, and often not at the fault of the local coffee shops. Coffee shops, of course, need to cover their overhead and make a profit. Coffee shops also offer unique baristas, ambiance, and a hip place to meet your friends. However, those prices for a fancy latte can cost you $5 to $7 per drink.

You don’t need to completely eliminate coffee shops from your budget. Although, if you were to make coffee at home five days a week and go to the coffee shop the remaining two — you would be saving yourself about $100 a month. That adds up to quite a bit of money over time. The key to saving money is not necessarily elimination as much as it is moderation.


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