11 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

When you’re talking with your boss, there are some phrases that you’ll almost always want to avoid. These phrases may seem innocuous, but they paint you in a bad light. This includes phrases that make you seem negative and phrases that will make your boss question your work ethic. You also don’t want to say anything that will make your boss think that you’re questioning their authority. Plus, you’ll want to avoid phrases that put the blame on your co-workers. In the heat of the moment, it can be hard to refrain from saying something negative, but doing so can save your relationship with your boss. When you’re having a discussion with your boss, try to avoid saying these eleven things.

1) “I don’t have a solution.”

If you’re facing a particularly tricky problem at work, it can be tempting to just admit to your boss that you don’t have a solution. Your boss doesn’t want to hear that you don’t have an answer to a problem, though. It’s okay to admit that you’re facing a tough problem, but you need to tell your boss what you’re trying to do to find a solution. It’s also a good idea to tell them some of your theories about how to fix the problem, even if you’re not sure if they’ll work. If you don’t have a concrete solution yet—you just need to tell your boss about your potential solutions. This will show your boss that you’re working hard on the problem and that you’re not going to stop until the problem is resolved.


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