11 Things Seniors May Be Able To Get 100% Free!

As a senior, you’re entitled to great discounts on everything from meals at restaurants to rooms at hotels. Many seniors use these discounts, but not many seniors know that there are also many other things you can get completely free. This includes things like classes at certain colleges, checking accounts, cellphones, home repairs, and more. Many seniors are also entitled to some free medical devices, and they may also be able to get help with their taxes for free. Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out what free things are available for you. If you’re unsure about what items you can get at a discounted price, check out this list of free items that are available for many seniors.

1) Cell Phone

Many seniors can get free phones and a monthly phone plan under the US Government’s Lifeline program. This program can be used by any senior who already receives government assistance under programs like Medicaid, SNAP, or Supplemental Security Income. It’s also available for any senior whose income is less than 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. If you qualify, you’ll be able to get one phone from a service provider that takes part in the Lifeline program. Some of the providers that take part in this program include SafeLink Wireless, US Cellular, ReachOut, and more. To find out which providers operate in your area, check out Lifeline’s Companies Near Me webtool. When you take part in the Lifeline program, you’ll always have a phone available if you want to call a family member or if you need to report an emergency.


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