11 Features Are Great Reasons To Buy a New Car


The latest improvements in car technology has made cars smarter, much safer, and fully connected! The great part is many of these features come standards on new automobiles. As safety has become a major focus for the automotive industry, new technology has come out that makes vehicles both more reliable and able to think for themselves, even keeping you safe when your attention lapses. These hot new features are major advances to look for in your new vehicle.

1) Improved Touchscreen Technology

Formally only found in high-end SUV’s and sports cars, touchscreen information centers are becoming a common replacement to the convention buttons and knobs of radios and air conditioning systems. Touch screen displays offer a sleek and futuristic look as well as offer an all-in-one location for navigation, climate control, radio and other features that were previously spread out around the vehicle. These displays also serve as a point of communication, because they can link with phones to display messages and make calls without you having to even touch your phone! As cars offer more features, finding enough room to offer control for the driver to use all these features would be almost impossible with the old fashioned knobs and buttons, but with a sleek, all-in-one screen, everything needed is simply a couple of touches away.


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