11 US States Where Residents Are The Most Stressed


By Becky Gaunt

From weather to employment opportunities, where you live impacts your life in many different ways. Stress levels vary greatly across the country. Movoto.com analyzed the stress experienced by residents in the lower 48 states according to commute times, unemployment, income spent on housing, hours worked, population density, and how many residents have health insurance. A stressful environment only leads to more stress. These categories create the ranking in which taking a top 10 spot is not much of an honor in any of them. Is your state stressed out? Find out if it made the list.

1) Florida

With more than 600 miles of sunny beaches, Florida may seem like a surprise at the number one spot. But two factors really hurt it in the rankings. It was third in the nation for too many people without health insurance and a high unemployment rate. It came in seventh for both long commute times and housing costs, and eighth for population density. It fared better in regard to the work week, but still ranked 22nd for average hours worked. Apparently people don’t have enough time to soak up the sun and surf. Although not a factor considered in this particular study, another source of stress might be the severe weather Floridians experience in the form of thunderstorms and hurricanes. Additionally, the Sunshine State has the largest population of people over 65. The health issues that accompany aging can also be a source of stress.


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