11 Most Expensive Things Parents Buy For Their Children

Parents tend to buy all that is required to make their children’s lives as great as possible and sometimes go beyond necessities. The gifts that parents buy are meant to help their children or to bring them entertainment, though the particular items vary depending on age of the kids and by the financial resources available. It is important to realize that not all parents choose to buy expensive items for their children, and instead raise them on the belief that buying one’s own things helps build character and a sense of value. And that is only natural, due to the variety of parenting philosophies. Nevertheless, these are 11 of the most expensive things that parents buy for their children.

1) Daycare

For parents who work outside of home, it is often necessary to find a daycare for their children while they are out, in order to make sure the children receive the attention and resources they need. And while this may be a necessity, it can get very pricey. Though there is wide variation in cost, the average daycare center for babies and toddlers in America is $11,666 per year, and for pre-school age children the costs are slightly lower, averaging $8,800 annually. Since children will often need to attend daycare for several years before beginning school, the expenses can add up. In-home childcare and nannies are other options, and prices will vary for these choices as well. Nevertheless, daycare in one of its many forms is important for maintaining the well-being and happiness of young children who do not have stay at home parents.


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