11 Dream Jobs Most People Want But Few Get


Most people, even from a young age, have a dream job in mind. From superstar to congressman, everybody has a job they know they’d excel at and love-all the while raking in cash. So for you high dreamers, maybe you’ll find your vocation on this list of 11 dream jobs most people want but few get.

1) Movie Star

We all know of some famous star like Leonardo DiCaprio or Angelina Jolie, smiling on the big screen as they play the main role. But while we may wish we were as famous or talented or as good looking as they are, the reality is that most people will never even speak to a movie star, much less become one. In fact, most people can name less than fifty actors, and there are less than two hundred nationally acclaimed actors in the US. That means that only one in 1.5 million people can claim their fame came from film. While the chances are slim, however, the rewards are great. Robert Downey Jr. earned a staggering $75 million from Iron Man 3, with even low A-List actors raking in more than $4 million a year. So maybe the odds aren’t great, but for seven digits it might be worth the risk of film school.


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