11 Discounts You’ll Miss If You Don’t Know About Them


In a world where money is a big concern, getting good deals wherever you can find them can be a huge help. Perhaps surprisingly, there are many places that offer discounts and savings that you might not even realize. So in that vein of thought, here are 11 discounts anyone can get, if you know about them.

1) McDonald’s

Nowadays, large portions of the population have smartphones, and there are several companies that want to take advantage of that, and thus have apps out offering information and deals. If you are looking to find a bunch of discounts of fast food, you may want to consider downloading the McDonald’s app. When you do, you will have exclusive access to a number of deals on different food items. At the time this article was written for example, if you buy 5 McCafe drinks, you can get 1 free. On Tuesdays, you can get certain sandwiches for only $1, and with the purchase of different types of sandwiches, you can get free fries or hash browns. So if you are an enjoyer of fast food and you want to easily get a good deal, it will be worth it to download the app and save.


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