11 Cities in The World Where Americans Can Instantly Be More Wealthy

The cost of living is a significant consideration when deciding where to travel or settle. Over long periods of time, expenses add up, which can be especially problematic in pricey areas. However, the affordability of cities and towns varies greatly throughout the world. As such, a dollar in one location may have a higher or lower value elsewhere. So, if you want to get the most of your money, you should pay attention to local values. As with any location, cheaper places have both advantages and disadvantages. But whether the positives are worth it, the detriments may be a personal decision. Nevertheless, here are 11 cities in the world where Americans can instantly be more wealthy.

1) Vilnius, Lithuania

One of the best places for Americans who want their dollars to stretch is Vilnius. This city has a low cost of living and is emerging as a business center city. Though Vilnius is home to over 800,000 residents, population growth is low. In fact, according to Teleport.org, estimated population growth from 2015 to 2020 is only 1%. Additionally, the city has above-average safety and low gun ownership and gun crime. However, along with a low cost of living is a relatively low income. In many career fields, median income is below average, even far below for some jobs. Therefore, Vilnius is a better place for Americans who already have some degree of wealth. What they have will get them more here than in America, but if they still work, they may earn less. Nevertheless, the extremely fast wi-fi speed in the city is quite attractive to businesses and individuals.


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