11 Cheapest Places to Rent in Canada

Rental prices vary wildly in Canada, from the expensive rents in the big cities of Vancouver and Toronto, to cheaper rents in small towns across the country. If you’re looking for somewhere affordable to live in Canada, GlobalNews has recently put out a list of the cheapest places to rent in the country. These cities all offer a great standard of living at a price that’s much more reasonable than the big cities. If you’re searching for a new apartment in Canada, be sure to check out these eleven cities in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario. Note: the prices listed are based upon Canadian dollars. $1 US is equal to $1.35 Canadian.

1) Shawinigan, Quebec

Shawinigan, Quebec is the overall cheapest place to rent in Canada. A bachelor apartment—also known as a studio apartment in the U.S.—has an average price of $344 a month. A one-bedroom averages $381, a two-bedroom $476, and a three-bedroom $509. Shawinigan typically has long and comfortable summers, with temperatures usually not getting higher than 77°F. The trade-off for these nice summers, though, is a cold winter. The average low in winter is 2°F and the average high is 20°F. (32° Fahrenheit is equal to 0° Celsius). In the summer, Shawinigan residents take advantage of the nice days by spending time in the city’s many parks, including the beautiful La Mauricie National Park. This park features gorgeous hiking trails and tons of lakes and ponds where you can canoe or swim. In the winter, you can also go snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing in this park.


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