11 Best Ways to Work from Home and Avoid Scams

For many Americans working from home is an essential necessity for many reasons. For a lot of parents with young children, daycare isn’t very helpful or cost effective if it takes almost a whole week’s salary to pay for it. So, one parent stays home while the other works. People with disabilities or other limitations may find it difficult or impossible to work a regular job, but are barely getting by on any disability payments they get. So, working from home to earn extra money becomes the only viable option. What to do ? Especially when there are so many schemes and scams out there geared to target desperate people. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to do a little research and be certain of its legitimacy before going forward. Here are some suggestions that might help. Good luck!

1) Get Paid to Give Your Opinion

Websites like www.Swagbucks.com offer ways to make a little extra cash by taking surveys. What could be easier than answering a few questions? You won’t get rich taking a few online surveys. The amount of surveys and what you can earn on each site may be limited to one or two per day or even per week. So, depending on the time you’re willing to dedicate to it, and if you frequent multiple survey for reward websites, you could theoretically make enough per month to at least supplement your existing income. Sites like Survey Junkies and MyPoints offer straight cash through PayPal for points earned taking surveys. Beware of sites that require a purchase to complete a survey. You should also read reviews from other users to see what people are saying before making your choices.


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