11 Best Places to Retire In The U.S. (2017)

If it’s time to start thinking about retirement, there are many parts to consider when deciding on where to spend your “Golden Years.” Many people pick up and move to a more desirable and suitable location once they stop working; and why not? Warmer weather, lower taxes, better health care, and an overall better quality of life are just some of the benefits calling from across state lines. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of what you’ve worked very hard for? You deserve it! There are plenty of places that have mass appeal for retirees. Here are what we found to be 11 best cities to retire in the U.S. in 2017.

1) Scottsdale, Arizona

The southwest region of the States is known for its gorgeous desert scenery. Scottsdale, Arizona is no different. Yes, it gets hot, but the dry desert heat makes it more tolerable than humid weather. If you need an escape from the elements, Scottsdale has plenty of air-conditioned shopping centers. The Scottsdale Waterfront is a massive complex boasting shops, restaurants, and private residential buildings. It’s great for beating the heat and putting in a hard day’s shopping. Retirees will feel right at home here as 20% of the population is 65 or older. The crime rate in Scottsdale is below both the state and national averages, especially when it comes to violent crimes. The feeling of a safe, cohesive community is very apparent. Real estate is above the national average at roughly $360,000 for the average home. However, the number of activities and amenities make Scottsdale worth the price tag.


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