11 Best Places in New Jersey for Retirees


By Becky Gaunt

Per the United States Census Bureau, 15 percent of the population of New Jersey is 65 and older. Movoto Real Estate Blog gathered data on all places with populations of at least 10,000 and assessed cost of living, crime rates, amenities and weather for 110 potential retirement spots. One aspect of the assessment stands out as unique. High cost of living was considered a positive, indicative of the quality of the lifestyle in that area. For that reason, some of the top-ranked options might take a bigger chunk out of the retirement budget, but the list still has variety.

1) Ridgewood

Ridgewood ranked 14th for amenities, so there are plenty of options to keep retirees busy. The Village of Ridgewood offers classes for adults and seniors at the community center such as watercolor painting, self-defense, racquet sports, cooking and crocheting. Highlights in Leisure Time, or HILT, is the seniors’ club for residents 55 and up. They organize group picnics, dinners, trips to the theater, and sightseeing tours by bus. Free concerts take place in warm weather at Veterans’ Field. The 2010 Census put the 65-and-up population at 12.5 percent, but Ridgewood doesn’t just appeal to seniors. It was also ranked 26th on Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” in 2011. All of this does come at a cost, though. Living in Ridgewood might be hard on the retirement savings.


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