11 Best Cities for Millennials to Live


By Amanda Weiss

Deciding where to settle can be a difficult choice, especially for young people just starting out. Yet, it’s a choice many Millennials are facing as they move on to their long-term careers. There are many factors that go into such a decision, such as financial status and living conditions. As many Millennials are struggling with debt, finding a place with a good balance can be challenging. Even within this generation, there may be some different desires between individuals. But common attributes of ideal living places include plentiful resources, good job prospects, and things to do. Based on qualities such as these, here are the 11 best cities for Millennials to live.

1) Arlington, Virginia

Many Millennials are interested in cities with plenty of diversity and a lot of activities available. Arlington is a great city in that regard, as it has been highly rated in many such aspects by Niche. For instance, this city of over 200,000 residents has received A ratings for outdoor activities, nightlife, diversity, and more. It does have relatively high rent prices, about double the national median. However, median household income is also almost double that of the national average. Therefore, the higher rent is not out of reach. Arlington is known for its diverse people, with over 130 ethnic groups living here. It’s also a very highly educated city, so Millennials recently out of college will fit in. According to City-Data.com, 94% of people over 25 graduated high school, and 74.3% have at least a Bachelor’s degree.


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