11 Best All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant Deals

One of the most exciting phrases to see on a restaurant menu is “all-you-can-eat deal.” There’s nothing better than enjoying tons of delicious dishes, knowing that you can eat all that you want without having to pay anything extra. Luckily, there are plenty of chain restaurants in the U.S. where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat meals and buffets. You’ll find all-you-can-eat deals in a wide variety of cuisines, and there are also some great options for vegetarians. If you’re craving a big meal, head to one of these eleven delicious restaurants. Be sure not to eat anything before you go—you’re going to want to have plenty of room in your stomach when you dine at one of these tasty establishments.

1) Golden Corral

Golden Corral is one of the most famous buffet restaurants in the United States. Golden Corral has 500 locations across the U.S., and they serve buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On their breakfast buffet, you’ll find country-style grits, egg and sausage casserole, and much more. For lunch and dinner, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of soups, and you can also make your own salad. Their hot food buffet is massive, and it features loads of all-American classics like smoked brisket and fried chicken. There are also tons of cake options for dessert. Golden Corral serves breakfast until 11 AM, and it costs $8.69 for an adult. Lunch is served until 4 PM, and it also costs $8.69. Dinner is served from 4 PM on, and it costs $11.99 for an adult. Beverages are not included in the buffet price.


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