11 Bad Habits People Don’t Realize Ruin Their Cars


By Amanda Weiss

Cars are necessary for transportation—they get us from A to B. However, buying a car is a significant expense. Therefore, it is preferable to keep your car in good condition for as long as possible. Your habits in the car and the way you drive can affect how your car runs. Thus, it is crucial to be mindful of how you treat your car. After all, making minor behavioral changes is preferable to paying out a lot of cash. To avoid needing to get rid of your car prematurely, here are 11 bad habits people don’t realize ruin their cars.

1) Using Incorrect Oil

Oil is necessary for keeping a car running. It is therefore crucial to get the right type. The most important factor when choosing oil is the viscosity, or thickness. This is because the engine is meant to run with a specific degree of lubrication. If the wrong type of oil is used, the engine may not last as long as it’s designed to. You should always follow the car fluid advice given in the manual. For instance, if it states to use synthetic oil, you should follow what it says. If synthetic is not specified, you can mix it with regular if you want. Additionally, although your repair shop may promote a specific brand, this is far less important than viscosity. So, whenever you get an oil change, you should make sure to get the right type in a brand you trust.


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