10 States with the Best Overall Tax Benefits


Paying taxes is almost inevitable. No argument there. But some states offer a much lighter load than others. Income tax, sales tax, property tax, gas and food taxes, all add up if you live in a state that taxes some, or all of these things. You may be amazed to find out there are some states where some or all the taxes you are paying in your current state are either much lower, or simply non-existent. If you are paying high taxes and may be looking to reside in a state with great tax benefits, consider one of these ten.

1) Delaware

Of the fifty states, Delaware is by far one of the most forgiving when it comes to taxes they collect and is especially known for tax-friendly treatment of corporations. Delaware charges no sales tax on consumer purchases, automatically earning them a spot on our list. However, the state also boasts very low income taxes as well as some of the most affordable property taxes in the nation. The state’s excise taxes on beer and wine are also quite low when compared to the excise taxes of other states—just $0.16 per gallon of beer and $0.97 per gallon of wine. Here is the data for state taxes in Delaware:

• State Income Tax: 2.2%-6.6%
• State Sales Tax: None
• Median Property Tax on the State’s Median Home Value: $1,078
• Gas Taxes and Fees: $0.23 per gallon


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