9 Enviable Things Only Retired People Can Do

Road Trip

The moment has come, years of working and earning a living to support a family has finally come to an end. The career chapter in life has ended, and a new chapter devoted to “self” is about to be written, but what will it contain? What do retired people actually do with their days when work no longer monopolizes the hours of 9-5? Here is a list of the top 9 ways only retirees can spend their time.

1) Take a month long road trip

Road Trip! That phase just rings excitement. With no commitments and no jobs to worry about, retirees can just get in the car and go! There is no reason not to. Start driving, and at intersections, just randomly pick a direction by flipping a coin or by playing rock paper scissors. Why not? Take some time and explore the nooks and crannies and crevices of the country that many may never get the opportunity to see. There are fabulous places bursting with beauty in every small town. Explore the big attractions across the country, and while on the way, stop and explore the little things that not many know about. Stay in hotels and order room service or stay in a camper and roast hot dogs. Sleeping arrangements do not matter, go out and explore! An entire lifetime has been spent working and taking care of others—hit the road and do something exciting.


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