10 Jobs That May Cause Depression

Although any job, at one time or another can be stressful, some jobs can lead to serious depression. Employees in these careers deal with long hours, little time for family and themselves, and often severely stressful working conditions. Some of these careers are even known for their high suicide rates as a result.

1) Protective Service Workers

This career path was previously at the greatest risk for suicide last year, but still remains one that causes unbearable stress and depression to some of its employees. It includes Policemen, firemen, EMTs, military personnel, and other protective service workers. When your job is to uphold the safety of others, it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your emotional and physical well-being. Not only are you responsible for yourself, you’re responsible for the safety and lives of others as well. People in protective service careers are often the ones who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder due to events they’ve witnessed or been a part of. Without proper mental health care, these workers may immerse themselves in their job, covering up their emotions rather than dealing with them. That’s why protective service workers are #6 on the CDC’s occupational suicide list.


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