10 Hottest Cities in The US Real Estate Market 2016

grand rapids

While many of us may want to save our extra money for a rainy day, others are looking to purchase or invest in property to make our money work for us and real estate is a popular choice among investors.  There is no guarantee you will make money when you buy property, because real estate markets crash just like stock markets.  However, many people find comfort in the idea of owning a tangible piece of property that they can visit or use as their home. With that in mind, here is a look at ten of the hottest cities in the U.S. real estate market:

1) Grand Rapids, MI

When thinking of real estate opportunities, Grand Rapids may not jump to the front of your mind, but this gem of a city has shown significant growth and economic diversity over the past few years. As Michigan’s second largest city, Grand Rapids is primed to become a pioneer for opportunity in 2016 and beyond. Its housing market is affordable – ranked 14th most affordable in the U.S. last year – and it boasts a long history of commerce and vibrant, eclectic art appreciation. The city offers events with community and hospitality (such as the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market), as well as activities like the Fifth Third Riverbank Run (America’s largest 25K) which welcomes participants from all over the world. Combined with its steadily growing job market, it’s definitely a city to put on your map for investing in real estate.


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