10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World


Some of the highest paid individuals work in industries that require a degree or technical training. If you have the inclination towards one of these professions, and can endure the, sometimes lengthy, educational period, you may just find yourself among the highest paid professionals. Granted, not all these jobs are for everyone. Different people have different abilities. Most people will gravitate towards something they are interested in, and therefore will most likely be successful at it. If you find yourself attracted to one of these career choices, you may become one of these highest paid.

1) Doctor or Physician

The world would be doomed without doctors, physicians, and other medical professionals. Some people might argue that modern medicine in western culture is inferior to natural remedies, however without medical professionals and cutting edge medicine, society would not be able to function. Can you imagine everyone coming into the office with whooping cough and no way to ease the symptoms or stop it from spreading? A family physician makes an average salary of approximately $166,000 per year while emergency room doctors can make up to $210,000 per year. Money and respect aside, any medical position is incredibly demanding, difficult, and unpredictable and is not meant for the faint of heart. Education alone is intensive and requires a hands-on internship to gain experience in the field.


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