10 Highest Growth Industries Of the Future

wind power

Whether you are looking for the next step in your career, considering further education, investing in or starting a business, you want to know that the time and money you invest is going into an industry that has good growth potential. In this article we present the 10 industries with the highest growth potential for the near future and the reasons why each one makes the list.

1) Wind Power

In 2010, the wind power industry had revenue of about $3.4 billion dollars. Between 2000 and 2011, the industry grew 16.9 %. The forecast revenue growth for this industry was projected at 11.2% up through the year of 2016. That’s $340 million additional dollars than planned. The great news is that people are still becoming more and more obsessed with clean energy. After all, what’s cleaner than using the wind to power what you already have? People are not only wanting to find better ways to cut cost (in this case electricity), but to also create a better environment for others around them to live. This industry is definitely one to look at for the future.


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