10 Best Places in America To Find Your Next Job


Looking for work? In a recovering economy, it can be tricky to know where to turn. But despite the economic gloom and doom of recent years, markets are picking back up all over the country. Based on current statistics, our research shows a noticeable shift westward, as jobs in technology, media and energy expand in the western US. Read on for our 10 best places to work in America.

1) Seattle, WA

A city perhaps known better for its annual rainfall levels than for its job opportunities, Seattle is a metropolis on the rise. Research by Sperling’s puts its ten-year job growth projection at a whopping 41.3%. Careers in STEAM–science, technology, engineering, arts and math–are ballooning, posting 7.6% growth over the past two years (easily beating out Silicon Valley, by the way). As far as living goes, Seattle offers your choice of unique neighborhoods, from high-rise downtown condos to the family-friendly, park-lined streets of Beacon Hill. Another good sign–people are moving there in droves. According to the most recent census, Seattle is the fastest-growing big city in the entire country.


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