10 Best Places In Ohio For Retirees


Ohio is a seemingly hybrid state that bridges the gap between midwestern living, the Great Lakes, and the Appalachian Mountains. It is rural and packed with art, culture, great food, and natural beauty all at the same time. Each of Ohio’s largest cities possess unique architecture, industry strengths, geographical elements, ways of living, and progressive living habits. For retirees, all of this can be quite exciting, however there comes a time to tone things down a bit. From townships to metropolitan suburbs, Ohio offers high quality living opportunities for families and senior citizens who are branching out into the chapters of retirement. The regional history and positive growth over time have kept current residents interested in Ohio as well as attracted newcomers from abroad. You may have heard that “Ohio is for lovers.” It certainly is full of proud citizens, but here are the 10 best places in Ohio for retirees in search of a more quiet adoration.

1) Dover, Ohio

Dover is a large community in Tuscarawas County in Ohio with a population of almost 13,000 residents. Over 25% of documented inhabitants are above the age of 65 years old, making the city a popular destination for retirees. With an unemployment rate of 3.4% and a poverty rate under the national average at roughly 12.6%, Dover has proven to be a wealthy town with comfortable living options. The average real estate value is very low in comparison to many other cities throughout the United States, and the current median home value is just under $110,000. Crime rates are very low as well, which makes Dover safe for citizens of all ages. There is also abundant access to healthcare throughout the area including the local medical facility known as Union Hospital. While Dover does experience snowfall and cold weather during autumn and winter, locals are able to enjoy access to nearby golf courses, gyms, shopping, dining, and public libraries. Some notable celebrities to come from Dover include former football coach Frank Ellwood, actor and politician Vic Gilliam, and Pixar writer Bob Peterson.


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