10 Best Places in Michigan for Retirees

When it comes to retirement, Michigan residents understand, most of all, the value in blue collar labor and how it pays off after years of service. Michigan is a state that is heavily influenced by the auto industry as well as other large plants and manufacturers, but it certainly has its serene and breathtaking nature as well. From backwoods to waterfront, Michigan is full of geographic diversity with demographics to match. There are plenty of places to consider in the state kissing the Great Lakes, but to ease your mind, here are the 10 best places in Michigan for retirees.

1) Denton Township, Michigan

Denton Township is a mid-sized Michigan community located in Roscommon County. It is situated near Higgins Lake and holds a total population of approximately 5,800 residents. The township has an array of local dining and shopping experiences as well as easy access to nearby fitness and recreation centers. Denton Township thrives on modest rural living and maintains a significantly low crime rate to match its affordable real estate and cost of living. The current median home value in Denton Township is roughly $100,000. The community was ranked as the 3rd best place to retire in Michigan as well as the 26th safest place in the state. While children might not get the same value and satisfaction in an area such as Denton Township, the community is perfect for retirees in search of tranquility and a minimalistic mind set.


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