10 Best Places in Indiana for Retirees

When it comes to the question of where to retire, the options can be overwhelming. Should you go south to Florida for pleasant year-round weather or head to the enticing southwest state of Nevada with its scenic landscape and easy-going tax laws? Let’s add another state to the list: Indiana. The primary factor that makes this Midwestern state so appealing is its affordability. The cost of living, healthcare, and especially the cheap real estate has been attracting retirees from far and wide. Nearly every city on this list boasts a median home value of under $200,000! But cheap prices aren’t all Indiana has going for it. It’s also got an unexpectedly rich arts and culture scene, lively college towns, and plenty of ways to enjoy nature. Read on to discover if retiring in The Hoosier State is right for you.

1) Bloomington

Open-minded, hip, cultured, and outdoorsy are all words used to describe this central Indiana city. Bloomington is best suited for active retirees with no intention of slowing down once full-time employment stops. It’s bicycle-friendly and walkable, with much of the city planning considering cyclists and pedestrians. Housing Indiana University, Bloomington is a strong college town. There’s always a sporting event, concert, or festival taking place. The youthful vibe is appreciated by those who still feel young at heart. The nearby Monroe Lake State Park and the Hoosier National Forest are both big hits with those who want to stay fit and active. These grounds offer camping, canoeing, hiking, biking, and fishing. Bloomington is working tirelessly to bring their city to the forefront of housing, health and wellness, cultural, and social life. This makes Bloomington a vibrant city in which retirees feel respected, important, and involved in their community.


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