10 Best Places in California for Retirees

Languna Woods 730x350

California’s white sandy beaches, vastly diverse topography, cultural variety and numerous attractions offer something wonderful for every age group and demographic. Retirees will find just about anything imaginable to foster a wonderful retirement lifestyle. California is a west coast wonder providing an assortment of retirement locations with low crime rates, reasonable living costs, gorgeous real estate, endless entertainment, and rich soil for creating deep new roots as you enjoy the bounty of your many years of labor. From San Diego’s swaying palm trees to Eureka’s towering redwoods, here are the 10 best places in California for retirees.

1) Laguna Woods

Laguna Woods is a city located in southern California that has been recognized as California’s best rated destination for retired living for over half a century. With over 78% of residents being over the age of 55, Laguna Woods offers an experienced yet lively community of adults who seek to experience an active life together in the California sun. The Orange County community offers an array of outdoor activities horseback riding, fishing, hiking, wildlife observation, golfing, and for those seniors who are young at heart, there is great surfing and boogie boarding! Modern condominiums and plentiful co-ops help create a lifestyle that is based on socializing and community involvement. Seniors can take advantage of an abundance of art classes and clubs to foster their creativity in ares such as jewelry making, painting, sculpting, woodworking, gardening and much more. 


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