10 Places To Retire and Pay Way Less In Taxes


When you’ve retired, the last thing you want to worry about is how much of your pension, Social Security or retirement savings you will have to hand over to Uncle Sam. What if you could find a place where the money you’ve socked away for your golden years is safe from the grabbing hands of the government? Is there really a tax haven where you get to keep more, if not all, of your retirement money?

Well, pack your bags, retiree, because there are such places both in the United States and overseas. Let’s start first with the places in the United States where a retiree’s tax burden is lowest and then travel abroad.
The United States of America

1) Alaska

Alaska is arguably the best state for retirees to settle and it is certainly one of the most scenic. If you have a yearning for wide-open wilderness, the 49th state has plenty of that. What’s even better is that its residents pay no income or sales taxes, nor does the state tax the pensions or Social Security income for retirees. Some localities do have sales taxes, but when you become a permanent resident you can look forward to a yearly check from the state thanks to its vast oil wealth.


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